Why Biophotons by Biophoton Generators

Biophotons play critical roles in cellular communication, cellular repair, metabolism, and biological regulation.

The biological roles of Biophotons have been extensively researched, experimented with, and validated. Biophotons coordinate most and possibly all the physiological processes that take place in our living systems.

Biophoton Generators: A three-dimensional continuous field of pure life force energy also known as Biophoton Energy is created by a Biophoton Generator.  The Biophoton Generators used for the studies at the First Institute of All Medicines, and any other organizations, are supplied by Tesla BioHealing, Inc.

This energy field generated by Biophoton Generators is the same Biophoton Energy that the human body or living being naturally generates and emits.  This is why there is full compatibility with no known negative side effects when our body is supported by this external Biophoton Energy field.  As our body already knows with the built-in innate intelligence, when exposed to this external energy field provided by Biophoton Generators, our cells know how much of the external energy to uptake to turn on the cellular repair mechanisms.

Depending on the state of the health condition, an unhealthy person with a weaker and low level of baseline Biophoton Energy needs a high level of external Biophoton Energy Field to jump-start and support the healing process.

Biophoton Generation: Professor Gioacchino Pagliaro* conducted a series of studies on BIOPHOTONIC INSTRUMENTAL ANALYSIS WITH HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGING SYSTEM and confirmed the energy generated by the devices is Biophotons. The images of Biophotons generated by the Biophoton Generators were captured as shown below.

*Professor Gioacchino Pagliaro
Adjunct Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Padua, Italy, for 17 years.
President of European Quantum Activism, Bologna, Italy, connected to the Center for Quantum Activism (USA).
Former Director of the Hospital Psychology Complex Operational Unit, Oncology Department, Local Health Agency of Bologna.