What is the proposed mechanism of action (MOA) with the use of Biophoton Generators

What is the proposed Mechanism of Action (MOA) with the use of Biophoton Generators? 

A Biophoton is a photon of ultra-low intensity light with biological origin from DNA and plays a communication role within and between cells. Ultra-weak

light signals from Biophotons serve as a communication channel between cells, tissues, organs, and the entire biological system. T collection of high-energy Biophotons, may be the most capacious and fastest information transmitter.  

The functions of Biophoton emission are manifold: cellular communication, effects on the biological clock, functioning of DNA and proteins, in particular, the DNA replication process, protein synthesis and cell signaling, as well as oxidative phosphorylation and photosynthesis. It has also been shown that these actions can be performed by activating or inhibiting intracellular processes.  

Biophotons produced by our body: 

Biophotons are natural light particles that are generated within the body and are constantly radiated from the body surface. And all living beings emit Biophotons. Generally speaking, when in great health, the body emanates a higher level of Biophotons, while in poor health, a lower level of Biophotons. 

Biophotons originate from DNA. Production and utilization of Biophotons are coherent as they may coordinate most and all the physiological processes and biochemical reactions that take place in our living systems. The Biophoton emissions are constantly being released and absorbed by the DNA and Mitochondria of our cells and they are t

o act as instantaneous communication channels throughout our body and may serve as an intricate energy network communicator. 

Dr. Fritz Albert Popp used ultra-sensitive equipment to demonstrate Biophotons (living light)

that transmit information within and between ourselves. Our physiology may be dependent on Biophotons. 

According to Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, any mechanism that oversees the biological functions of the body would fail unless operated at the speed of light. These Biophotons are constantly being released and absorbed by our DNAs and appear to provide the means of instantaneous communication throughout our bodies and serve as information transmitters throughout all living systems.  

The physiologic and metabolic functions of a human body are regulated by the level of Biophotons, i.e., during sickness, Biophotons are at a low level and when healthy, Biophotons are at a relatively high level.  

Biophotons generated by Biophoton Generators:

Biophotons play critical roles in cellular communication, cellular repair, metabolism, and biological regulation.  The Biophoton energy field provided by an external Biophoton Generator offers a non-invasive easy-to-use solution for the user to receive the needed extra Biophoton support, a different modality than conventional. And it is a modality that offers a systematic approach instead of a pathway-driven one by providing the needed Biophotons at the right level for the user to uptake the available Biophoton energy from external energy field and benefit.  

As Biophotons play a significant role in the transmission of the cell, tissue, and organ information, a high Biophotons Energy Field generated and provided by Biophoton Generators is not only compatible with the human body’s own innate Biophotons emission but acts as means to complement and supplement the lacking Biophotons for users who are weak in health and to be absorbed by the users’ body, hence, delivering therapeutic effects and clinical outcomes systemically throughout the body. 

In this proposed MOA, the use of Biophoton Generators offers a non-invasive and easy-to-use method to provide an external three-dimensional continuous field of Biophoton Energy at the needed level to support the user’s cellular repair, regeneration, and healing needs. 

The Mechanisms of Action of the Biophoton were reported to:  

  • Increase the cellular synthesis of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) in new and healthy cells to maintain normal organs and to repair damaged organs 
  • Enhance the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) in mitochondria so the cells are energized. Mitochondrial health is an important mediator of cellular function across a range of issues and, as a result, contributes to whole-body vitality in health and disease 
  • Increase the activity of lymphocytes in order to increase the immunity of the body 
  • Increase cell membrane permeability so more nutrients and electrolytes can enter into the cells to support optimum cellular metabolism and function 
  • Promote the unclamping of cells to improve blood flow. This was first observed by researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. They found that biophotons unclamps and, therefore, improves blood circulation 
  • Cause relaxation and dilation of the peripheral blood vessels in the human body to enhance overall blood circulation  
  • Enhance the cellular potential to achieve 70-90 millivolts so the cells are healthy and energized  
  • Increase blood circulation and deliver more oxygen-rich blood to injured muscles, thereby helping to speed up the body's natural recovery process. With a reduction in tissue compression, the swelling and pain associated with inflammation are reduced, thereby reducing pain and promoting healing 

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