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Safety Profile of Biophoton Generators 
With over 25,000 users thus far, Biophoton Generators have established a completely safe track record.  

Life Force Energy is a naturally occurring substance that all biological systems produce and utilize at the cellular level for optimal wellbeing. Biophoton Generators generate a very concentrated field of Biophotons or Life Force Energy, offering an environment where the cells of the body can utilize this vital force of nature in a much higher level than what is readily available otherwise. This is in an effort to support the body’s self-healing capacities with the essential energy that every cell needs to thrive.

By providing an environment whereby the body’s own innate intelligence can utilize Life Force Energy at will and as needed, Biophoton Generators’ continuously generated 3D energy field simply supports the body on a cellular level to carry out its functions as it would do naturally if enough vitality was available throughout the system. Biophoton or Life Force Energy is completely safe and as the cells absorb this natural vital force of nature more and more, they are able to recharge themselves and activate their own self-repair mechanisms.  

Most importantly, based on the real-world evidence, we are proud to say that we have helped over 25,000 people worldwide achieve a better quality of life as indicated by nearly 1500 positive reviews.   

Are there any contraindications with the use of Biophoton Generators? 
Biophoton is safe as your body already generates and emits Biophoton.  However, Over-the-Counter Biophoton Generators were created to address chronic conditions for people who are in a stable physical, mental, and emotional state. Safety and efficacy studies have not been conducted on those in life-threatening situations such as those hospitalized, someone who recently had a stroke or heart attack, or those with suicidal ideation. Biophoton Generators are devices intended for people in stable conditions who have chronic unmet needs and no available effective therapy. 

If you have been given an end-of-life prognosis, it is not our practice to recommend as whose life force may likely be depleted beyond a reasonable expectation of recovery. If someone near the end of their life decides to use Biophoton Generators, we cannot be held responsible for the outcome if in fact, someone with a limited life expectancy does still pass away. The person is given an end-of-life prognosis and key family members can make an informed decision about whether or not to use the products. 

Everything that we do is data-driven, so until we have the data to support that our technology is safe and effective for the above-mentioned groups of people specifically, we do not yet recommend our devices for these situations. Please consult your physician whenever necessary regarding your health concerns and the use of our products. 

Can the use of Biophotons pose a threat to family members or other people? 
There is no risk for over-exposure to this naturally occurring energy. 

Biophotons technology does not have any electricity or magnets involved in the generation of the Life Force Energy field, so our medical devices are safe to use for people who have pacemakers, or any other form of medical implant. 

People from the participant's environment, such as family members and colleagues, are not exposed to the Biophoton Generator. Biophoton devices generate a continuous 3D field of Life Force Energy and anyone within this concentrated field of Life Force Energy will be able to benefit. Use of the device should not interfere with the operation of household or standard personal electronic devices. 

Does being in the vicinity of the device affect the patient's daily life? 
Biophoton Generators are registered with the US FDA as Over-the-Counter Medical Devices and have been proven to be safe and effective. Before the technology was released to the public, extensive safety and efficacy studies that proved the devices to be safe to use and effective in addressing many different types of health conditions were conducted. Third-party on-site monitoring and testing of the devices were completed as well. These product tests concluded that there was no radioactivity in raw materials, no harmful substances were released during production, and no radioactivity or harmful substances of any kind were present on, within, or released from the finished products. 

Biophoton Generators are manufactured following the FDA’s current Good Manufacture Practice (cGMP). The manufacturing operation is also in compliance with and accordance with the Delaware Radiation Control Regulations (DRCR). 

The Biophoton or Life Force Energy provided by Biophoton Generator technology is the same vital force of nature that the cells of your body are already utilizing every day for wellbeing. The Life Force Energy is safe and naturally occurring in the environment. Similar to when oxygen needs to be used therapeutically, Life Force Energy also needs to be provided in a concentrated form for the cells to uptake as much as they need as quickly as possible for optimal health benefits.