About Us

Mission: Promote international collaboration among all medical professionals to find the solutions to heal many currently unmet medical conditions. 

Vision: Biophotons are the new medicines to heal many chronic or acute diseases. Eastern medicines, western medicines, and many other medicines can use Biophoton Generators to conduct a variety of basic and clinical research. All kinds of medicines now have a common foundation at the Biophoton level. Advanced medicine can be developed together by all medical professionals. Many unmet diseases will be treatable soon by using Biophoton Generators.

Purpose of This Website: Promote international collaboration among all medical professionals in using biophotons to heal many unmet medical conditions.

Who We Are: A non-profit organization aims to facilitate international collaboration among all disciplines of medicines to explore the potential of using biophotons to resolve the worldwide challenges in addressing unmet medical needs.

What We Do: Promote, organize and support basic and clinical studies on using Biophotons as a treatment solution for individuals with unmet medical needs.

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